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Please read through and understand our guidelines before coming to your scheduled appointment. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation!



If you have a cough, fever, feel sick or have any other symptoms, please do not come, cancel your appointment. Please be sure to come to the shop with clean washed hair and sanitize your hands before entering.


We are working by appointment, please book online by clicking book now, selecting the location, barber, service and date and time. Next enter your name, phone number and email and click reserve. If you need help, please text or call and leave a message. We will respond between customers or at the end of the day and by text much faster. We thank you for your patience as we work to service everyone and answer calls as time permits. We have a 4 hour cancellation policy.

personal protective equipment (PPE)

Facemasks with ear loops may be required to enter. Please be prepared to put a mask on before you enter the shop if there are signs asking you to do so. If you have special needs or have questions about PPE, please call or text the shop. Masks may be available for purchase when required.


Please arrive on time! We will call or text you if we are ready early. If you arrive and someone is still in the shop in your barber’s chair, please be patient as the barber finishes as each haircut and barber take different amounts of time and quality in our #1 priority. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late we may not have enough time for the service. 


Due to the size of our shop only the customers getting haircuts are permitted to wait inside. If someone is driving you, please have them wait in the car. If they need to assist you, please have them do so and then wait outside. We can also assist. 


Although we prefer cash and correct change as payment if you pre-pay with credit please do so before arrival using the link or reserve and pay feature. Our booking company adds a $1 fee and deducts a percentage of your payment to us. Cash is king and we reserve the right to charge a processing fee to cover our credit card processing expenses on top of the service and booking companies fees!


You will receive a confirmation to the # and email you provided, please be sure to accept notifications from our booking software when making your appointment. You can make changes to your appointment using the links provided in the email. If you did not get a confirmation text or email you most likely don’t have an appointment. Printing an appointment that has not been completed with all the steps and information needed will not work. The most common reason for not getting a confirmation is that you did not fill out all the information and hit the reserve button or typed in wrong information.


We have a pay it forward box for cash donations to help those in need. If you need help paying take some and if you have extra leave some!

FAQ -commonly asked questions

How do I book more than one Service or know more about them? To book more than one service click on more than one to highlight it before moving on to the next step. There is an ( i ) you can click on the right side of the service that will give you more info.

Why is the time I selected not available now? When you select a time it gives you 10 minutes to complete the process. If you click back on your browser or refresh or close the window it will not show that appointment again for 10 minutes. This is to prevent multiple people from selecting the same time.

Why is the first available time shown not available when I select the service I need? Each service has a set time, when you select the service or services, the times that this service can be booked will show up. A Fade or Hot Towel Shave takes more time than a Beard Trim as an an example, so if the barber only has a 15 minute time slot it will only let you book a beard trim.

What if I Book the wrong service? If you book the wrong service we won’t have the proper time to complete the service or we will have extra time. Please make sure to book what you need so that our schedule runs smoothly and you are charged accordingly. If you book the wrong service please change it or cancel it and re-book it at least 4 hours in advance. If not you will be charged for the services booked.

Cancellation We have a 4 hour cancellation policy.  This is so that we may fill the spot that you are cancelling. In order to cancel you must use the link in your text or email from Squire our booking software or talk to or text the shop where you booked the appointment more than 4 hours before your scheduled time to avoid being charged. If you fail to do so you will be charged and put on pre-payment. The more time we have to fill your spot the better. 

MUG CLUB -To join our VIP Mug Club to enable you to book the after hour appointments you can go to or in person at the shop. Once you do we will provide the booking code to you. This may take 24-72 hours or you can call or text the shop during business hours to acquire this faster. 805-772-9262




Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep mike's safe for our clients and barbers!

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